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Same-day or immediate dentures provide patients with high-quality prosthetics without the prolonged wait associated with traditional dental lab-created dentures. Dr. Potesta-Knoll is skilled in creating state-of-the-art immediate dentures for patients throughout the San Francisco, CA, region, relying on advanced techniques for dentures that are comfortable and natural-looking – without the wait.

Immediate Dentures Q & A

What are immediate dentures?

Also called same-day dentures, immediate dentures are dentures that can be crafted and placed in your mouth the same day your teeth are extracted, eliminating the need for a separate fitting appointment and a prolonged period of time without teeth. Immediate dentures use special techniques designed to provide a comfortable fit even when gums are still sore from extractions. Because they can be worn immediately, many patients prefer immediate dentures over traditional dentures which can take weeks to be created in a lab.

How are immediate dentures fitted?

The fitting process for same-day dentures is the same as for traditional dentures, relying on an impression of your mouth to ensure the dentures fit comfortably and look complete natural. The dentures can be created on-site in our state-of-the-art lab using the most advanced materials and design principles for the highest-quality results. Plus, your new dentures can be created to address any underlying issues like deep staining or misalignments that detracted from the appearance of your smile. Like traditional dentures, immediate dentures use materials that can be tinted to the shade you desire so your smile looks natural and you feel more confident.

Are immediate dentures better than traditional dentures?

Immediate dentures offer the advantage of being ready to wear immediately, so you don't have the embarrassment of having to wait weeks without teeth while your dentures are fabricated at an off-site lab. Plus, the support provided by same-day dentures can help gums heal faster following the extraction, and being able to begin wearing your dentures right away can help you adjust more quickly so you feel more comfortable eating and speaking while wearing your dentures.

What if I have sore spots that won't go away?

Just like with traditional dentures, if your same-day dentures cause persistent sore spots that don't resolve, they may need to be adjusted. Call the office right away to schedule an appointment to relieve pain and avoid infections.


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